12+ hours of learning

Self-learning + demonstrations + downloadable step-by-step guides

  • 12+ hours of e-learning in modules of 15 min

    Twelve + hours of self-learning training in e-learning, structured in modules of 10-15 minutes (60% video, 40% readings and interactive quizzes), accessible anytime, everywhere and with any device.

  • Demos and downloadable step-by-step guides

    A complete simulation of an online coaching path. A full simulation of the motivation and risk assessment of objectives not freely chosen (organizational goals). Downloadable step-by-step guides.

  • Certified

    Certified by HURACT Business School (Switzerland).


Senior Trainer and Coach, HURACT Roberto Bonanomi

PsyD. MSc Occupational Psychology & researching in OP/OB at University of London, Birkbeck. Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society in the UK (MBPsS). MSc Computer Science, MSc Clinical Psychology, Roberto is an enthusiastic trainer and coach with sound communication skill, a robust corporate culture gained in years of professional experience as a consultant and psychologist and rooted academic background. Roberto was the founder, director and principal instructor of the master in organizational coaching at the Palo Alto School in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.

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