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The questionnaire aims to allow you to identify your position in the PLAN concerning a specific context (Reference Context) and period (Reference Period) of your life. This will enable you to understand the psychological skills to train to unlock all your potential.

Course presentation

Discover the distinguishing features of the Mental Fitness HURACT

Distinguishing features

Micro-learning for individuals and organisations. Certified.

  • 16+ hours of e-learning in micro-modules of 10-15 min.

    16+ hours of self-learning, structured in 10-15 minute micro-modules (videos, readings, interactive quizzes, exercises, case studies, tests). Accessible anytime, anywhere, with any device.

  • For individuals and organisations at work, in sports, and in personal life.

    For anyone who wants to develop their mental/psychological fitness at work, in sports and in personal life. In-depth modules for HR specialists, psychologists and coaches.

  • Certified by HURACT Business School.

    Evidence-based model based on Positive Psychology, ACT, Mindfulness, 3rd generation psychological sciences. Certificate issued by HURACT Business School.

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Course curriculum

    1. Mental Fitness explained (SMART version).

    2. Mental Fitness HURACT Model

    3. The mechanism of positive and negative reinforcement.

    4. Health and awareness: the dimensions of Mental Fitness and the P.L.A.N. model (SMART version).

    5. The Mental Fitness Skills (SMART version).

    1. The Mental Fitness HURACT explained in depth (FULL).

    2. The Mental Fitness HURACT explained in depth (FULL).

    3. The Mental Fitness HURACT explained in depth (FULL).

    4. The Mental Fitness HURACT explained in depth (FULL).

    5. The mechanism of positive and negative reinforcement.

    6. Health and awareness: the dimensions of Mental Fitness and the P.L.A.N. model (FULL version).

    7. Health and awareness: the dimensions of Mental Fitness and the P.L.A.N. model (FULL version).

    8. Health and awareness: the dimensions of Mental Fitness and the P.L.A.N. model (FULL version). Learning Quiz.

    9. Mental Fitness Skills (FULL version).

    10. Mental Fitness Skills. (FULL version)

    11. Mental Fitness Skills (FULL version). Learning Quiz.

    12. The Mental Fitness P.L.A.N. applied in organisations.

    13. The Mental Fitness P.L.A.N. applied in organisations.

    14. Introduction to the Mental Fitness exercises with examples.

    1. Introduction to the case studies.

    2. Case Study # 1 - Resistance to Change.

    3. Case Study # 2 - Distress in the workplace.

    4. Case Study ​#3 – Group Thinking.

    5. Case Study #4 – Nikephobia ("fear of winning").

    6. Case Study #5 - Conquering Procrastination.

    1. The Awareness skill.

    2. The Awareness skill. Learning quiz.

    3. EXERCISE. The 5 rules of thinking in Awareness.

    4. EXERCISE. Mindfulness Bell.

    5. EXERCISE. Mindfulness "Leaves on the stream".

    6. EXERCISE+DOWNLOAD. Mindfulness "Leaves on the stream". (downloadable audio file).

    7. EXERCISE. Quick mindfulness.

About this course

  • €290,00
  • 88 micro-modules of 10-15 min (videos, readings, interactive quizzes).
  • Downloadable templates and tools.
  • Step-by-step case studies at work, sports, academics, and personal life.


Senior Trainer and Coach, HURACT, UK Kristian Lees Bell

MSc in Occupational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Kristian has a coaching qualification from the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M), and is a senior member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH). Combining his skills in coaching psychology, hypnotherapy, CBT, and an academic background in Occupational Psychology, Kristian’s coaching addresses the root cause of people-related issues. e helps professionals become more self-aware of their personal blind spots and derailers so they can better manage stress, anxiety, and other mind-related challenges.

PsyD, Senior Trainer and Coach, HURACT Roberto Bonanomi

Roberto is a highly qualified professional with a diverse educational background, including an MSc in Occupational Psychology & Research from the University of London, Birkbeck, an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Milan, and an MSc in Clinical Psychology from the University of Trieste. With over 15 years of experience in Digital/IT companies and 15+ years of experience in training, coaching, and psychotherapy, Roberto brings a unique combination of skills to the table. As the founder, director, and principal instructor of the master in organizational coaching at the Palo Alto School in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014, Roberto demonstrated his ability to develop and lead successful coaching programs. Roberto teaches how to apply psychological and technological methods to achieve incredible performance, making him a valuable asset to any organization looking to improve its practices.

Course sheet

Mental Fitness is just as important as physical fitness. Mental fitness means addressing health and psychological-emotional wellbeing with specific exercises.

There are several approaches to this practice, but the Mental Fitness HURACT stands out for a few main reasons.

  • It is not "an end in itself". Still, it has a teleological vision aimed at psychological health understood as a tendency to generate safety and wellbeing for oneself, others and one's organization (organizational dimension).
  • It takes on an organizational and an individual perspective and is the ideal candidate for cross-cutting training of all human resources.
  • Boost wellbeing and performances. The results of good mental fitness are social cohesion, performance, satisfaction, resilience to stress, psychological flexibility, and optimism.

This course is based on established theoretical models and evidence-based practice. It provides participants with concrete and practical psychological tools and techniques to train themselves to pursue mental health and "shape".


Mental Fitness HURACT is for anyone who wants to develop their mental/psychological fitness at work, in sports and in personal life. In-depth modules for HR specialists, psychologists and coaches.


Provide participants with a Mental Fitness model and practice they can implement in organizational and personal life.


What is Mental Fitness, and how does it fit with fundamental human motivation. Psychological health, mental gymnastics, the social and organizational dimension.

The Mental Fitness P.L.A.N. ©

The PLAN. is a straightforward and practical map representing behaviour concerning health and awareness.

  • The P (Positive) quadrant. Optimism and flow experience: what supports this state and how you can pursue it
  • Quadrant L (Learning). Appealing to one's values and strengths to confront adversity with a view to continuous learning.
  • Quadrant A (Avoidance). What is the psychological mechanism that induces dysfunctional and counterproductive behaviour? Recognizing and managing it allows you to re-orient choices and behaviours.
  • The N (Negative) quadrant. We will train you to escape the "vicious circle" trap that may imprison you in stereotyped and dysfunctional behaviours.

The Mental Fitness Skills.

  1. Awareness: this skill brings awareness of the self regarding thoughts, emotions, behaviours and perceptions, and of the surrounding reality.
  2. Integration: this skill allows you to integrate negative thoughts, emotions and sufferings in an ego-syntonic way.
  3. Values and strengths: This skill aims to elicit one's strengths and values and use them to steer behaviour in the right direction.
  4. Goal: this skill is related to the ability to define ego-syntonic goals, make a plan to achieve them and act effectively.
  5. Flow: this skill supports concentration on the present moment and the development of flow, that is, that optimal experience characterized by total involvement of the individual: focus on the goal, intrinsic motivation, positivity and gratification in carrying out a particular task.
  6. Mindset: this skill directs feelings and beliefs about themselves, assuming that how people perceive themselves influences what they think they can and will do.

The Mental Fitness Exercises.

With specific exercises, we will train the six psychological skills of Mental Fitness for proactively moving within the four quadrants toward safety and wellbeing.

The exercises, techniques, models and tools used derive from the third-generation cognitive-behavioural sciences, particularly ACT, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness, and will be conveyed by qualified experts.